Health Monitoring in Kentico CMS 6.0

As sites are getting more robust, the focus on high availability and scalability is increasing. To support your high scalable sites, we are preparing a new feature – Health Monitoring. It should help you to better monitor the health and performance of websites. In this post, I would like to share with you the details about Health Monitoring and get feedback from you.

New Health Monitoring is based on Performance Counters that can be consumed by several monitoring tools like Performance Monitor. Using these counters, we can monitor the performance and health of Kentico CMS. We will provide performance counters for features that are not available through counters already existing in the system. That means we will not offer e.g. SQL Server performance counters that are prepared and provided by MS SQL Server.



Health monitoring in Kentico CMS can be turned ON/OFF at the server and site level. So it’s very easy to monitor only one site if required. We can also set which counters will be provided by Kentico CMS and the monitoring time interval.

Kentico CMS health monitoring is focused on providing counters of those features that could have an impact on the performance of Kentico CMS. At this first stage, we are thinking about the following counters provided by Kentico CMS:

1)      Memory statistics – information about allocated memory, peak memory usage, etc.

2)      Page view statistics – information about content page views, file downloads, non-page requests etc.

3)      Cache statistics – information about cache usage

4)      System objects – information about system objects loaded into memory

5)      On-line users – no. of users accessing the website and active connections

6)      Scheduler tasks  - information about running tasks

7)      E-mails – information about awaiting and processing e-mails

8)      Threads – information about running threads

9)      Queries – information about running SQL queries

All values will be monitored and prepared by an external Windows Service that will not have any impact on the performance of running Kentico CMS.

Do you think you will use it? Do you know which features you want to monitor as they have a big impact on the performance of your websites?

Please, let us know your thoughts about this new feature. The final list of monitored values will be prepared based on your feedback.

Thank you!

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Tom commented on

Will definitely use it.