Get Your Hands on Lab: Adding a Twitter Button

I hope everyone has been seeing the great new resources for learning Kentico CMS. Today we are adding our first Hands on Lab manual available here.

Hands on labs are an additional way to learn how to get things done quickly with Kentico CMS. They are designed as a step by step guide to help with common tasks. The first one is on adding a Twitter button to your site. We are looking at others and would love to get your thoughts and ideas about topics that you would like to see.

In addition to Hands on Labs, don’t forget to check out the videos (we have over 100 available!), the E-books (available here and here) and Podcast!

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Appetere Web Solutions commented on

You could alternatively use our free Tweet Button from the Marketplace. It extends what is done in the lab, and also allows content editors to configure it using WebPart properties, rather than having to understand & edit the code: