First Kentico CMS Webinar

Yesterday was an important day in the Kentico history. We successfully did our very first partner webinar. Here are some of my comments to it.
Hi everybody,

I would like to thank to all the partners who joined the webinar yesterday, you have been a great audience. Also, thank you for all your comments, thanks and suggestions.

I know it wasn't perfect (the first time usually isn't), but from my perspective, it went well. Good thing is that the time schedule of the webinar fitted well, I was a little afraid if I can present you so much information in such a short time. Now I see I can and you are very experienced audience, which makes it even easier and we can keep our next webinars on the same technical level and amount of information.

The webinar had a lot of attendees which I also enjoyed, I don't like to speak to an empty room :-)

The webinar was also already commented on the Kentico Developer web site which is great.

I have received some suggestions for the questions / answers part, which I agree needs some improvements. I was worried to let you speak to the microphone for the first time of webinar because from our demos, we have an experience that solving the audio connection can take a lot of time and we didn't have a lot. If you know that your audio is set up fine and it will work, just ask me through the question form and I can unmute you next time.

The next thing was the scheduling of the webinar itself. It was scheduled in CEST time zone (GMT + 1), I believe that scheduling in GMT will be better next time. For someone, it was not clear what is the time.

The recording will be available on our Partner portal which was also launched this week, including the PPT presentation. The recording on the Partner portal will include the questions and answers part. I cannot say where you find it exactly but my guess is that it might be on the Partner program section and it will also be announced on the Partner portal blogs.

For the non-partner clients, don't be worried. You will get the webinar presentation too, but you will get it later (probably at the end of the September), just keep checking my blog. You will get the same recording, just without the questions / answers part. The early access and the discussion part is a partner's privilege (that is one of the many benefits being an active partner).

Next webinars are not yet scheduled, but as soon as they will be, we will definitely let you know. If you have any suggestions about the topics they should cover, please add them to the comments.

Again, thank you all for joining the webinar and looking forward to the next one.
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