Few hints for large file uploads, authentication cookies and advice of delivery

In this post I will tell you few words about the large file upload in ASP.Net and Kentico CMS. Also I will provide you with idea of sharing cookies across domains and also few words about advice of delivery.
When uploading bigger files to the web site (live site or CMS Desk) you can get time-out exceptions or errors that the connection was closed. The problem could be in the web.config setting – MaxRequestLength parameter in httpRuntime section. By default it is set to 10 000 bytes. The execution time out parameter is not mentioned in default web.config file, but it might be good to set it to reasonable time in seconds. I have found this blog post where this issue is described with more details.

Sometime you may need to keep the user authenticated across multiple sites (or sub domain sites) you have in your CMS. The problem is that the cookies are domain specific. So, when the user navigates to a different domain is no longer authenticated. This article about sharing cookies can solve this problem.

Last thing in this post is that some of you are using “advice of delivery” with the e-mails sent to our support team. Some of you were complaining that you have received reply that the message was deleted without being read. Do not worry, we have received your message, but our ticket system is downloading the message from the e-mail client and after the download it is deleted. So, when you receive this message, you can be sure that your e-mail was downloaded to our ticket system and it is in the queue and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

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Juraj Ondrus

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