Facebook Connect, OpenID Integration, VS 2010 Support - What else will contain new version 5.5?


We have just finished the feature set of new version - Kentico CMS 5.5. In this post I'd like to inform you about all new features coming with Kentico CSM 5.5

Kentico CMS 5.5 will bring several new features, enhancements and we would like to significantly improve our code and database.

Estimated release date is May 2010. Only one month after the Visual Studio 2010 launch and Kentico CMS 5.5 solution will be Visual Studio 2010 ready! During the installation process you can select Visual Studio project for VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010. We will still support VS 2005.

Mobile section of Corporate Sample Site that will demonstrate how to prepare optimized pages for the web-browser based smartphones, how to share content between standard web pages and mobile pages and others.

RSS Feed Web parts & widgets for most common document types like Blog posts, Blog comments, Articles etc. These web parts and widgets will generate RSS Feed for the given document type. No more hard coding of the RSS Feeds!
Kentico CMS 5.5 will have fully integrated MetaWeblog API and Sharepoint Connector that are now available only as the free download on the Marketplace.

Template Scopes that enables you to limit usage of page templates to specific locations in the web.  

Enhancement of grid paging in Administration UI - that means support of first page, last page, previous page, next page, selection of specific page number etc.

Global Administrators with no SiteManager access - many of our partners asked us how to eliminate access into SiteManager. Kentico CMS 5.5 will bring new setting that enable/disable the SiteManager access to the selected Global Administrator. 

Content Inventory Report - this new report will show you information about given type of documents stored in the CMS.

Now, Kentico CMS contains web part for the Google Maps. We know, there are countries, where is more preferred Bing (Live) or Yahoo, so we will bring support of Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps in version 5.5

Thank you for your suggestions that you give use at http://kentico.uservoice.com! We hear you and below you can find features that were suggested by you:

Depending on the time we can add any other features. The whole roadmap is available at http://www.kentico.com/cms-asp-net-features/Roadmap.aspx

Estimated release date is May 2010.
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