Clean up Your Kentico Install


You've installed Kentico, have your site up and running locally and now you need to deploy it.  You look in your file system and see there are thousands upon thousands of files in the root directory.  Yes, Kentico is a large CMS and in order to run it you do need a lot of files but what I'll show you today is how to clean up your installation for deployment. 

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Brenden Kehren

Brenden is a Senior Architect and Owner at Kehren Development with over 18 years of development experience with 12 of those years working strictly with the Kentico product lines. Brenden focuses his efforts on best practices, education and training and is extremely active in the Kentico Developer Community. He is also an avid hunter and when Brenden isn’t stalking the DevNet or watching hockey, he spends time camping and boating with his wife and 4 kids.