Blogosphere: 2 new articles on Kentico CMS 6

Short reviews on the latest version of Kentico CMS.
We see more reviews appearing on the web as more and more users jump on Kentico CMS version 6 and Kentico EMS.  Here are two of them:

Bryan Soltis from Bit-Wizards lists 7 small tweaks that version 6 brings for better user experience:

Kentico 6 Settings That Make Life Easier

Abdelghani Bhalla from Verndale in his post focuses on two important parts that came out with version 6: Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS), and enhancements of the E-commerce solution.

Kentico CMS Version 6: Kentico’s Largest Upgrade Yet

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.