Awesome Mobile Web App Built on Kentico CMS: Immortals Movie App

Today, on the magical date of 11.11.11, the Immortals movie goes to theatres!
Seventyeight Digital, a Kentico Gold partner from Toronto, developed a great mobile web application for the Immortals movie. All the content for the application was produced and it’s editable through Kentico CMS 6 and then routed through the 78’s Mobile Proxy to produce the final result.

Although the application is rich in media content, includes custom contest, needs to be accessible on a wide variety of mobile devices and has to be highly accessible including high peaks of traffic, 78 Digital were able to deliver it within fantastic 3 weeks. We are proud that Kentico CMS was an indivisible part of this successful project!

See a two minutes video about the project:

Congratulations to Seventyeight Digital for their great work! They are constantly proving themselves as true experts and leaders in the field of mobile websites and applications. To name few of their other mobile references: Ombudsman Mobile App or Invest Toronto Mobile Website.

For more information on the project, please read a comprehensive Immortals Movie Mobile App case study.
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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Petr Passinger commented on

@Kevin: Thank you for your comment and your comprehensive answer!
@Anthony: You can develop your mobile version website within your Kentico site without need of additional tools - you might want to see a mobile website example within our Corporate sample site. In the future we will improve user experience for developing mobile websites (i.e. preview for different phones).

Kevin Clarke commented on

Hi Anthony

The built in support for Mobile in Kentico is fine. For this solution we required for all content to be loaded in via ajax and to incorporate css3 transitions etc. Our requirements were just for Iphone, Android and modern Blackberry a nutshell webkit mobile browsers. Using our mobile proxy is analogous to using jquery and some custom plugins on the front end of your Kentico site to make the website snazzier. The back end is Kentico - the front end is client side customization. Standard pattern.

Kentico out of the box has support for a wider range of mobile devices and I imagine trades off some of the flashy stuff for ease of setup, and wider device type support. Depending on your needs you work the right level of visual layer in.

What we liked about Kentico for this solution was its superior content management qualities, workflow engine, and API that allowed for lot of back-end integration points. We have pretty strong dev capabilities in-house so adding a layer of visual customization is standard for all out Kentico solutions - both mobile and standard web sites.


Anthony commented on

I wonder why the built-in Kentico mobile website capabilities weren’t utilized and it was built on top of the proxy solution. Seems like the mobile support in Kentico 6 is somehow limited, is that correct?

Kevin Clarke commented on

Thanks Petr for the nice article. It was great to partner with Kentico on this. Looking forward to doing more innovative work with you in the future!