Another Great Mobile Web App Built on Kentico CMS: JaxReady

The City of Jacksonville (Florida) has developed their first mobile application – JaxReady. The app, which monitors weather threats and disaster evacuation information, is built on Kentico CMS and delivered in versions for both iPhone and Android. All just in time for hurricane season!
JaxReady helps users to monitor weather threats and plan for evacuation in the event of a natural disaster. The strength of the app is in the comprehensiveness and up-to-datedness of the information it provides, as well as in the way in which this information is presented to users. The GIS maps used as weather forecast, satellite and fire danger maps are accompanied with up-to-the-minute news and guides for emergency preparedness and evacuation.

Developed at no cost to taxpayers, as the teams created the application on Kentico CMS using existing resources, the application is offered free: JaxReady for iPhone and JaxReady for Android.

Mayor Alvin Brown introduces JaxReady:

Features of JaxReady include:

•    Weather monitoring and threat level according to geo-location
•    Fire monitoring and Danger Index according to geo-location
•    Alerts and the relevant Evacuation Zone according to geo-location
•    Current emergency (EOC) activation level according to geo-location
•    Weather, wildfire and drought index maps
•    Weather and fire news
•    Links that might be needed during an evacuation
• …and more

JaxReady App Instructional Video:

Kentico’s role in the development of the mobile application

The City of Jacksonville has been using Kentico CMS for its main website for over two years already. Ease-of-use during both development and management of the website led to the decision to use Kentico as the platform on which to build their mobile application.

Utilizing Kentico CMS to fully manage and deliver the content that is presented in the mobile app (via JSON), information streaming from Kentico was enriched with integrated GIS mapping layers, weather data and social media, to provide a comprehensive emergency preparedness mobile application.

Mayor Alvin Brown and the team of ITD truly deserve my admiration for providing such a great service for free and at no expense, especially today, when budgets are getting tight. I am proud that Kentico played a part in this genuinely useful and possibly life-saving application. We can surely say that Kentico is not only helping to build successful websites, but also successful mobile applications.

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