8 Significant Numbers of CMS Based Websites


Updated: What does BIG mean in the Content Management System world? The largest website? The highest amount of website traffic? The greatest number of users, documents or languages on a single website? Find out how Kentico does for size!

Let's focus on some of the fascinating numbers about websites running on Kentico. Some of these demonstrate the various capabilities our solution provides, while others might appear more like what we offer in our CMS performance report. It’s always useful and insightful to see how all of the numbers function in “real-life” and “real-use” scenarios.

50,000,000 page views in a single month

The website of Medochemie, the largest Pharmaceutical company in Cyprus and the Middle East, achieves 50 million page views on a monthly basis. Their website, delivered by Melior & Innovatico, isn't massive only in terms of page views – it is also hit by 1,000,000 visits a month. 

Another example is that of the Royal Horticultural Society, which has its traffic peak during May when the site gets  27,000,000+ page views when the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is about to happen. This leading UK gardening site in isn't immense only in terms of traffic  their content editors manage approx. 7,000 web pages.

Other websites in this category:

6,000,000+ unique visitors in a single month

Each month NewsMax provides over 6 million Americans with the latest news, investigations and commentaries. Ayush Chaturvedi, Senior Developer at NewsMax, said the following about this:

“Getting into numbers, it is because of the flexibility of Kentico CMS and optimizations on SQL server that we handle 20 million page views a month for Newsmax and 1 million for Moneynews. Normally our system gets 50 to 60 requests per second. Under peak load this number doubles and the Database CPU stays at 20-30% CPU usage.”

Other websites in this category:

3,858,853  pages on one website

Motorcycle Spare Parts is Europe’s largest genuine spare parts provider operating globally, so it’s no surprise that the site, which has been running on Kentico since early 2013, has now almost 4M of pages on the site.

The Pewag Group website, done by diamond:dogs group, is other example of a business operating globally and on a wide scale - the website holds more than 89,000 pages. The Pewag Group is one of the oldest chain manufacturers in the world, established back in 15th century in Austria and now worldwide, so it has 11 different language versions and its database is 14GB+.  

Other websites in this category:

1,000,000 active users of a single website

The highest number of active users on one website, 1,000,000 is still a far cry from what Kentico was tested for - 10,000,000 users! But it’s great proof of the scalability and reliability of the system. Who needs so many users? Scholarship America does for their educational websites group.

Other websites in this category:

1,000+ active content editors of a single website

What is the difference between website "users" and "content editors"? A user is a member of any number of roles and can be assigned to any number of websites. In addition, a user can be granted “content editor” permission and then he or she is allowed to go one step further – to access the Kentico admin interface.

1,000 content editors are contributing to the content of the Automation Alley, a website developed by High Monkey for a technology business association and business accelerator in Eastern Michigan (US). 

Other websites with a high number of content editors include:

3,800,000+ products in one e-shop

MPS.pngMSP offers the fast and safe delivery of original motorcycle spare parts and accessories for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles. Their e-shop, developed by On-Site, offers more than 3,800,000+ items that have to be instantly managed and updated. 

Other websites in this category include:

1,300 websites running on a single instance 

jonas.pngMultisite support is a useful feature if you need to create multiple websites for a single company and share documents, users or even settings between websites. Jonas Software is a perfect example of leveraging this feature; it holds 1,300 sites in a single environment to serve their 12 vertical markets and 52 distinct brands.

Another example is Salon Software, which holds 700+ hairdressing salons in the United Kingdom.

Lastly, the Bayleys Estate Agent 330 websites, in which one single instance of Kentico holds a network of websites of local real estate agents. This gives each agent more autonomy in controlling their web presence and the ability to present a distinct and personal offering, while it ensures that overall brand consistency is still maintained.

79 different languages used on one website

Tour operators, travel agencies and official country tourism sites are the usual hot candidates for sites with the highest number of languages being used. With Prague being the fifth best travel destination in the world (ranked by TripAdvisor.com), it comes as no surprise that the official travel site of the Czech Republic has 28 languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew. 

However game industry seems to have even bigger spread over the globe - the website for Warhammer 40 has 79 language variants being number one in multilingual category. 

Kapsch is an international road telematics and IT TELCO company with more than 5,000 employees worldwide. Our partner CSS successfully migrated the site from SharePoint to Kentico. This meant transferring 5,000 pages serving 38 subsidiaries in 27 countries using 18 different languages.  

Kentico not only helps the display and management of different languages with its multilingual support, but it also significantly helps to simplify and speed up the daily translation tasks with tweaks such as language version comparisons, translation status overviews, and others.

Other multilingual websites on Kentico CMS include:


Can your website beat any of these numbers? Please let us know about it at info@kentico.com 

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