7 Steps to Get Instant Marketing Results from Your Website

Many marketers spend majority of their time driving traffic to their website. They are so busy with SEO, PPC and managing all campaigns that they have no more time to take a closer look at what all these visitors actually do on their websites and identify the true return on investment of their activities.
Consider that you spend $10,000 on a marketing campaign that brings 1,000 visitors to your website and 50 of them become a client. It means you paid $200 for a new client. What would happen if you managed to increase the conversion rate by 100% and get 100 clients instead of 50, with the same budget?

Now you may think that increasing the conversion rate by 100% is unrealistic. However, many case studies show you can do that. Here's a list of 7 things you can do to increase your on-line marketing ROI: 

1.Understand your customer behavior

What are your visitors doing when they come to your site? What are they looking for? What do they search for using your on-site search or what keywords do they use when they come from Google? What are the landing pages and what are the visitors' next steps? Where do you lose most visitors?

Web Analytics tools will help you better understand customer behavior. You can use Google Analytics or the built-in Kentico EMS Web Analytics. And if you want to get really deep insights, you can use Kentico EMS Contact Management module to watch individual visitors and track all their activities on your website. It allows you to see at which point you win or lose clients.

2.Optimize Your Landing Pages

Start with optimizing your landing pages. Do you have landing pages that deliver the message relevant to your campaign or do you send everybody to the home page. Do your landing pages show clearly what you offer? Does it resonate with visitors? Is there a clear call to action?

Kentico EMS comes with built-in A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing that allows you to test multiple variants of the same page with different messages, images, call-to-action buttons and layout. And you can manage them without technical knowledge!

3.Make your website personal

Do you target several segments of customers, such as people with different demographics or interests, at the same time? Do you provide them with relevant content on your website, but also in your e-mail marketing campaigns? Or do you just use the "one size fits all" approach?

Kentico EMS allows you to automatically segment visitors into multiple contact groups based on their behavior and profile attributes, so you can display them with personalized content and send e-mail messages relevant to their interest.

4.Use E-mail Marketing for lead nurturing

Do you stay in touch with your leads on a regular basis? Do you provide them with additional information to build trust during their purchase process? Do you know if they actually read your e-mails and click the links?

Kentico EMS E-mail Marketing module allows you to send personalized e-mail messages to your leads based on their segment (prospect clients/existing clients/clients at certain purchase stage/lost clients/etc.), track the open rates, clicked links and bounced e-mails.

5.Provide your sales team with qualified leads and actionable data

Are your sales people happy with the leads you give them? Do they spend their time efficiently? Do you have a shared definition of a qualified lead? Do they have enough details about the leads before they call them?

The Lead Scoring module in Kentico EMS allows you to identify the most qualified leads and hand them over to your sales team together with valuable data on what pages they visited, what they searched for, which whitepapers they downloaded and other details that help the sales people to open the conversation.

6.Identify campaigns that are profitable and drop the others

It's easy to track the number of clicks, but do you know if your campaigns actually drive business results? Are you able to connect your campaigns and sales, whether they are closed on-line or outside your website?

With Kentico EMS built-in Campaign Management, you can easily track the value of conversions the campaign generated on your website. Moreover, Kentico EMS tracks every single visitor so you can identify the source of your sales even if you close them for example on the phone. So you know the real ROI of each campaign and focus on the most effective ones.

7.Integrate your on-line and off-line data

Is your website a standalone silo of data that nobody uses? What if you could integrate it with your CRM, ERP or other systems to get new insights?

The System Integration Bus included in Kentico EMS provides you with a powerful framework for integration of your on-line data with your existing systems. Your sales people can access the lead information directly through their CRM interface, without going to another system and copy-pasting the data. And you can use the CRM data to provide customers with personalized customer experience on-line based on the information you learned off-line.
Does it seem like a lot of work? The point is in focusing on a single task at a time and improving your website step-by-step. Start with number 1 and figure out what needs to be done to remove the most obvious roadblocks. Then remove them one at a time.

And if you need a tool that helps you get instant marketing results, check out Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution.
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Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.