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Jan Vlasák

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Contact groups improvements in detail

Jan Vlasák    —       —    Article
As you know, in Kentico 8.1, the Online marketing team focused on Contact groups, Personas, and Scoring performance (see Vita's post). 
This technical post explains in depth the improvements we made to Contact groups to help you better understand how the changes affect the performance of your site. It assumes you’ve used Contact groups already and doesn’t go into how they work in general.

Keeping your Online Marketing ecosystem healthy

Jan Vlasák    —       —    Featured Article
Online Marketing in Kentico is a very powerful tool. However, with power comes great responsibility, so you should take care to keep your Kentico Online Marketing ecosystem healthy, especially on sites with high traffic. This article will show you some tips on how to achieve that.

So, what can you do to keep Online Marketing working smoothly in Kentico 8.1?

Web Analytics logging via JavaScript

Jan Vlasák    —       —    Article
As you may have noticed, websites that get a lot of traffic from RSS readers, anonymous crawlers, "check if site has changed" browser plugins and other non-human tools have somewhat skewed Web Analytics statistics. If that is your case, you should continue to read this article about JavaScript Web Analytics logging, which removes this inaccuracy.

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