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  • The Benefits of Building an Online Community
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Article

    Guess what theres an online global conversation happening right now about your brand, product or service. Any company willing to engage in the dialogue can gain both insight and opportunities about themselves and their competitors. Like any good conversation its part listening, participating, understanding and learning. Building an online community is one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage in this global conversation.

    The Internet today contains unlimited forums for customers to express themselves. At any given moment someone somewhere is talking about your brand, product or service. Isnt it better to be part of that conversation where you can listen, learn, participate and help shape the direction? Expect to hear things that unpleasant, uncomfortable and maybe not true. Ignoring these opinions doesnt make them go away.

    Here is my list of the top ten ways that a company can effectively benefit from building an online community Website.