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  • What Omnichannel Means to Developers
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    “We need to start thinking about OMNICHANNEL for our content.”

    “Kentico Cloud is all about OMNICHANNEL! So, how do we use it?”

    “I’ve been watching for hours but there’s nothing but reruns and infomercials on every OMNICHANNEL!”

    The phrase “Omnichannel” is certainly making the rounds when it comes to content. Hatched from the minds of over-worked marketers tired of creating posts for everywhere they need to. In a quest to reduce their stress (and chances for carpal tunnel), people have gotten smarter about how and when they produce content, planning for multiple channels from the start.

    Makes perfect sense, right? Everyone wants their job to be a little easier and more effective.

    But what does it all mean to developers?