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  • Archiving email feeds
    Aaron Watts    —       —    Question

    Can an email feed be archived? Would the backup option accomplish this goal? Basically we would like the feed to not be publicly seen when not needed anymore but still available if need be.

  • Product Parent(s) in Product XML Feed?
    Greg Laycock    —       —    Question

    Good afternoon. I have a product catalog where the products are categorized via the site tree, so the parent node of a given product (page type) is the subcategory and the parent of that parent nod...

  • Full Image Path in Product Feed?
    Greg Laycock    —       —    Question

    Good afternoon. This is a simple question that I'm sure has a simple answer that has so far eluded me. I have created an RSS feed of a product catalog with the Products RSS Feed webpart. I'm trying...