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  • How to enroll for Kentico 12 MVC Certified Developer?
    Jahan Zeb    —       —    Question

    Dears,My Company is using Kentico, I am Kentico12 MVC Developer, I want to become a certified developer. Please guide me on this, how I can get enrolled for exam.Regards,Jahan

  • Kentico 10 Certification
    Andre Pfanz    —       —    Question

    I've developed applications in Kentico v9 but have yet to get practical experience on Kentico 10. If anyone has passed the certification 10 exam, I was wondering if the differences between 9 and 1...

  • Kentico Certified Marketer Exam Launched!
    Katerina Foretova    —       —    Article

    By passing the Kentico Certified Marketer exam, digital marketers can now get recognized as a Kentico expert. Participants are expected to have extensive experience and knowledge of the Kentico product and its Online Marketing functionalities, as well as digital marketing in general.

  • Update: Tips for becoming a Kentico Certified Developer
    Jeroen Fürst    —       —    Article

    It seems like a hot topic at the office these days. Everyone wants to get certified in their specific areas. As my team specializes on development with Kentico, i'd like to help them out by providing my experiences hopefully resulting in a succesfull outcome.

  • Poll: What Would Help You Get Certified?
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    The Kentico Certification is a great way to showcase your skills and demonstrate your abilities with the platform. Many developers have passed the Developer Certification exam and benefited from this designation. For those of you who have yet been certified, we’d like to know what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

  • Get the Kentico CMS 7 Developer Preparation Guide!
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Article

    To sufficiently prepare for the Kentico CMS Certified Developer Exam, please study the Preparation Guide thoroughly in conjunction with the product documentation, Developer’s Guide, and other resources available online at Passing the Exam requires not only this “head knowledge” and academic understanding of the product’s features and functionality, but it also requires practical experience and a high-level of familiarity with the product itself.
    To pass the Exam and be recognized as a Kentico expert, it is expected that you have extensive experience in the following:

    • Designing, developing, and implementing Kentico CMS web sites
    • ASP.NET development and the intricacies of the .NET Framework
    • Creating data-driven web user interfaces
    • Writing programmatic code in Microsoft Visual Studio
    If you pass the Exam and gain acknowledgement for being a Certified Kentico Developer, then you have successfully proven your skills and set yourself apart from the everyday developer. Earning your certification is a mark of approval and distinction that builds your credibility, makes you more marketable, and gives you a competitive advantage over the other developers you will encounter in your career.
    For more information about the benefits of being a Kentico Certified Developer, please download and view the Kentico Certified Developer datasheet at