• Creating an MVC Widget Showcase Site with Kentico EMS and MVC – Getting Started
    Article Jan 25, 2019
    With the release of Kentico 12, there’s no secret that MVC is the future for all things Kentico. From the simplest brochure sites to the most complex integrations, MVC is the recommended approach for any developer working with the platform (have we made that clear enough yet?...

  • MVC Widget with a Touch of Kentico Cloud
    Article Dec 26, 2018
    With the release of Kentico V12 comes the new page builder for MVC. As part of self-improvement, I was trying to come up with an interesting small project. I decided to try pulling some content from a Kentico Cloud project and display it using an MVC Widget in the Kentico EMS...

  • Code generators
    Article Sep 9, 2014
    Do you want to work with the page, custom table and biz form data in API using strongly typed objects? Or use strongly typed views in MVC? Then read this article to learn more!

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