• Azure Active Directory integration and roles
    Question Jan 30, 2023
    Hi all We have a simple requirement for k13 AAD authentication and need some additional guidance. The requirement is just to allow admin users to log in via AAD, and that when their k13 user is created it's assigned a role which matches the corresponding AAD user's security ...

  • Kentico 13 Azure Index Rotation
    Question May 25, 2022
    I'm currently looking to provide index rotation, to allow index B to be rebuilt as index A is in use. I was thinking of overriding the SearchIndexInfoProvider, but this appears to use GetInfoById rather the Get(int Id) so I can't customise, and not sure how I'd identify rebui...

  • Azure image selector is starving application of threads
    Question May 15, 2023
    The admin image selector is making multiple calls to the /cmsctx/.../getmedia and starving the webapp of threads. Any thoughts?

  • How to configure azure blob service for custom hosting in azure app service (Xperience By Kentico v2
    Question Nov 8, 2023
    How to configure azure blob service for custom hosting in azure app service (Xperience By Kentico v27)?

  • K13 azure storage 'permanent link' 404
    Question Nov 15, 2022
    Hello We have an azure storage account configured for media in K13 and get a 404 when trying to access any images via a 'permanent link', however the 'direct path' works correctly. Just to clarify the meaning here: - Direct path is via the admin site e.g. /CMSPages/GetAzure...

  • Contact Activities not being recorded on Azure hosting with Front Door
    Question Jun 8, 2023
    Contact activities are being recorded on the azure green site and also on the staging site, but on the production site (which has azure front door enabled) activities are not recorded. I've added useForwardedHeaders to the startup (in many variations) var forwardingOption...

  • Facing FileSystemCache error and getting CPU spikes, hosted by azure app services.
    Question Jan 10, 2023
    Hi fellow kentico users/engineers, I am currently trying to maintain a Kentico website, hosted using Azure-App-Service. However, the websites face filesystemcache errors which most probably is the cause of CPU spikes. Are there any configuration which I missed? The website i...

  • Delete Temp Uploads Scheduled Task in Azure App Services
    Question Sep 22, 2023
    Our client has a Kentico 13 instance hosted in Azure via two Azure App Services (CMS site and MVC site). They have a form builder form setup using the file uploader component. We noticed that the temporary uploads folder is not being cleared out by the "Delete old temporary up...

  • Kentico 13 Admin site Azure App Gateway setup
    Question Oct 27, 2022
    I'm currently in the process of setting up the Admin site behind an app gateway. How do you set it up to work with the Forwarded details, as currenlty redirecting to the azurewebsites.net domain when I try and login. Thanks Mat

  • getting multiple 'System.OutOfMemoryException' out of a sudden, and it crashes the Azure App Servic
    Question Feb 23, 2023
    Getting multiple out of memory exception, and it crashes the Azure App Service. Any idea why? the said configuration line is just this... " " EventID: 14991415 EventType: E EventTime: 2/22/2023 11:41:09 PM Source: Application_Error EventCode: EXCEPTION UserID: 65 U...

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