Looping issue after Azure login page while claim based authentication.

vishal patil asked on June 3, 2024 21:44

Hi Kentico team,

we are planning to use single sign on authentication using azure ad with claims based authentication for this we have used the following configuration

identity provider url: https://login.microsoftonline.com/clientid/wsfed --> DirectoryId we have generated through azure portal

Security Realm : https://example.portal.com/

Allowed Audience Url : https://example.portal.com/

Trusted Certificate Thumb Print: certificate validator as : Chain trust

Document Referred : for the above steps https://devnet.kentico.com/articles/integrate-azure-active-directory-with-kentico

Question: 1.The certificate X.509 should be placed in the application side server or in the azure portal.

Currently we are facing this issue: we have added the x.509 certificate in the Server Side Application in the Manage computer Certificate -->Trusted People certificate store.

we tried to login to the application and observed that after authentication the application is continuously going in loop and redirecting with same blank page and it is not redirecting to home page.

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