• Chat and Blog module (Windows Communication Foundation on Azure)
    Question Feb 29, 2016
    Hi all, Now I want to try Chat module of Kentico but my account is limitted. How to create an trial account to use Chat and Blog module? One more, I read the document guide([https://docs.kentico.com/display/K9/Configuring+Windows+Communication+Foundation#ConfiguringWindowsCom...

  • Microsoft Case Study: Windows Azure and Kentico CMS
    Article Apr 26, 2011
    Read case study: A Move to the Cloud Benefits Content Management Firm, Its Partners, and Customers

  • Video: Get set.. Introduction to Windows Azure Development
    Article Jun 26, 2013
    Thanks to everyone that attended the Azure Kentico Conference! You can find all the session videos available here . Session description: Got Visual Studio? Your almost there! In this session we will look at how to prepare your development environment for Windows Azure. ...

  • Are you ready? Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows Azure
    Video Article Jun 20, 2013
    Windows Azure is an internet scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers, which provides an operating system and a set of developer services which can be used individually or together. It gives developers the choice to build web application; ap...

  • Azure blob storage for all Kentico files
    Question Sep 28, 2018
    I have an Azure Web App with all files stored on the web app itself. I'm looking at using Azure blob storage for all Kentico files (add key="CMSExternalStorageName" value="azure"). Which files and folders would I need to move from the web app to blob storage? Would it be ev...

  • Issues with Uploading Media files on Azure WebApp
    Question Jul 15, 2020
    Hello , we are using Kentico MVC 12 , hosted on Azure WebAPP - and media storage is on Azure Storage Blob. When we go to Media app in Kentico and try to upload an image we are getting error Could not find file 'D:\home\site\wwwroot\App_Data\CMSTemp'. WebApp file structure...

  • Windows Azure Cache Service in Kentico CMS
    Knowledge Base Article Oct 8, 2013
    This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use Windows Azure Cache Service (still in preview mode) in Kentico CMS.

  • Video: Best Practices for Kentico CMS and Windows Azure
    Article Jul 3, 2013
    Thanks to everyone that attended the Azure Kentico Conference! You can find all the session videos available here .   Session Description: Are you looking for practical, immediate and usable real answers examples and scenarios? Then don’t miss this session as we look...

  • Azure storage and multi-site Kentico instance
    Question Oct 26, 2015
    I'm looking for some support with Azure storage for a scenario not covered by your documentation. I plan to run two separate Kentico instances from one web server. I want both to use the same Azure storage account. If I understand it right, this could cause conflicts, for exam...

  • Kentico session data with Azure Redis cache
    Question Oct 29, 2019
    Hi all, I have a question about the using the Azure Redis cache to store the Kentico session data. We have multiple app services in different availability zones running the website, and each app service has the potential to scale out to multiple instances. The questions are...

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