Azure storage and multi-site Kentico instance

Tom Troughton asked on October 26, 2015 21:38

I'm looking for some support with Azure storage for a scenario not covered by your documentation. I plan to run two separate Kentico instances from one web server. I want both to use the same Azure storage account. If I understand it right, this could cause conflicts, for example where file names and paths match. Therefore I want each instance to use a separate specific Azure storage container.

I've seen from the documentation how an instances can be configured to use a specific container for certain types of files (in the documented example, it's media files). However, I want to configure an instance to use a specific container for ALL files to be 100% confident there will be no conflict. Is this possible?

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Filip Ligač answered on October 27, 2015 23:11

Hello Nat,

There is a web.config key available in Kentico which serves the very purpose you are looking for. The key I am writing about is CMSAzureRootContainer - its description is following:
Specifies the name of the blob container that will serve as the root of the application's file system on the Azure storage account.This can be useful in scenarios where multiple applications use the same storage account.The default value is cmsstorage.

The value parameter for the key represents the container which will be used, for example: <add key="CMSAzureRootContainer" value="CustomRoot"/>

Best regards,

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