• Preventing Azure cache
    Question Mar 3, 2022
    Hello, I have two azure app services, one for Kentico cms and the other for the app. Recently I had a problem because the server disk was full. What is the best way to clean up the cache automatically in this case? Thank you in advance.

  • Azure SQL Limitations?
    Question Sep 19, 2022
    On the predeployemnt checklist [here](https://docs.xperience.io/deploying-websites/running-xperience-on-microsoft-azure/deploying-to-azure-web-apps), the following is noted regarding db deployments. > Your database may contain custom database objects that are not supported o...

  • How to configure Azure CDN
    Question Sep 16, 2022
    I'm using Kentico v13.0 hosted on Azure app service. We are currently using Azure blog storage for our media assets. I would like to add Azure CDN to cache static files. I've followed the instructions here, [https://docs.xperience.io/deploying-websites/running-xperience-on-...

  • Azure Blob storage issue
    Question Jun 13, 2022
    I followed the steps on the excellent blog post from Brian McKeiver https://www.mcbeev.com/how-to-configure-kentico-mvc-sites-for-azure-blob-storage-with-media-libraries on how to setup Kentico to use Azure Blog storage. I am however facing an issue when trying to load the im...

  • Azure index error
    Question Dec 8, 2022
    I am getting an error on my production server and I am not able to replicate it on my local. The error is: Index can not contain two search fields with the same name 'documentpublishto' but different properties. here is my code: private static void AfterCreatingDocument(...

  • Assembly errors running on Azure
    Question Oct 17, 2023
    Hi all, We are currently facing the following issue after we deployed our Solution into Azure DevOps: **Server Error in '/' Application.** Could not load file or assembly 'CMS.Base, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=834b12a258f213f9' or one of it...

  • Azure Index update a single field
    Question Dec 18, 2023
    I have a search index with a complex object and would like to periodically update a single field against multiple records, rather than a complete update of that item. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Using the Media Library with Azure Blob Storage, Azure CDN and Content Staging
    Question Sep 27, 2022
    Hi, We are setting up Kentico 13 environments for a client and ran into a snag with configuring the media library (we used the guide [here](https://docs.xperience.io/custom-development/working-with-physical-files-using-the-api/configuring-file-system-providers/configuring-azu...

  • Kentico 13 Continuous integration Azure
    Question Jun 17, 2022
    I've setup our local dev environment to use CI (through PowerShell) and each developer has their own db, this works well. I'm not looking to setup a dev build on Azure app service, using YAML pipeline to build and deploy, and wanted to get suggestions on best approach to sett...

  • System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource.dll conflicting with Azure App Insights
    Question Jul 10, 2023
    Hi there - We have deployed a new Kentico Experience 13 site (v13.0.112) into an Azure web app and have been attempting to set up Azure Application Insights, which we saw was not receiving data from the app. After consultaiton with Microsoft technicians, they confirmed that ...

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