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Jaspal Marok asked on June 4, 2018 15:04

I am working with a client for SEO optimization there are some product pages that I want to add to the sitemap, but the google sitemap webpart does not generate feed as per my requirements. I have the required XML generated with an external tool and have it as an XML file but currently cannot figure out how to implement it with Kentico. [Edit: Looking for a temporary solution until I find what's wrong with product pages]

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on June 4, 2018 23:28

If you just want to output your existing file. It pretty easy:

  1. Create Page (Create a blank page with a simple layout)
  2. Go to design tab and add web part custom response.
  3. Set content type to text/xml and copy/paste the content of your file
  4. Go to Properties -> URL of you page and add Route. Might need to restart in order for route to work.

P.S. I second Brenden and I as well suggest against the external tool. The solution above can be only a temporary solution.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 4, 2018 15:48 (last edited on June 4, 2018 15:50)

You might start by checking out the documentation.

Secondly, check out this page from the documentation, it has information on how to hide/show items in your sitemap dynamically.

I'd hightly recommend AGAINST using an external tool when you can use the dynamic abilities within Kentico. Using a static XML file isn't the best approach because your sitemap is stale the minute after you place it on the server. Kentico's adjusts whenever people make changes on the site automatically.

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