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Brendan Finnegan asked on August 22, 2016 21:45

Hi all,

I am working with an Advanced workflow for my site on Kentico v8.2.48. The workflow needs to follow a process where someone edits a page (Marketing Editor), then the next person approves or rejects their edit (Marketing Admin). Both of these two people are assigned into a role and the Admin Role can approve changes, while the Editor Role can only submit to the admin for approval. I have the approval system set up correctly to where the editor cannot publish, and can't do anything until the admin approves or rejects their edit after submitting.

I have accomplished this in the workflow editor. It starts with an Edit, before moving to a multi-choice step. The multi-choice steps uses the condition tabs to determine where to go next depending on what role your user is in. So when someone in an editor role makes a change and submits for approval, the flow dictates it should send it to the marketing approval step where it can be approved by an admin.

Now for my problem. When someone in an editor role edits and submits the page for approval, the workflow is stuck at the Multi-Choice step and does not continue to the next step. I believe it was setup correctly, because my Marketing Editor multi choice step looks for someone in the Editor role, and I am editing a page with a user in that role. I also have another workflow that uses the same logic and that one continues to the step without any problems. My Multi-Choice step also has an default connection that goes to the same Marketing Approval step, and it is still always sitting at the multi-choice step after the editor submits it.

Is there something I am missing with Multi-Choice steps? Are they supposed to be hit after someone submits their change or is this functioning as intended?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Brendan Finnegan answered on August 23, 2016 19:11 (last edited on August 24, 2016 19:38)

Well found kind of a workaround. Setting the manage workflow permission allowed the editor to use my workflow path. However, that allowed the editor publishing permissions and reject permissions even if it follows the workflow.

Update: the only way to get the editor to follow the workflow at all is with the manage workflow permission. This completely defeats the purpose of having a workflow at all if someone with only editor permissions can skip all the required steps to publish a page on my site. Will be opening a support ticket for this and will update accordingly.

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