Todd Campion asked on July 25, 2014 16:16

Hey Kentico Peeps, I created a new workflow that scopes to a page and made sure that the it covered the page and it's child documents. I've made sure that this is the only workflow that scopes to this page and children. I've added an Approval step that has the role Publisher attached to it. I created a user called submitter and only has editing rights and does NOT have this publisher role. When I log in as that user.. create a new document i see that my work flow is being used.. I see all the steps, however when this submitter creates a new document type, it goes straight to being published. Looking at the properties > workflow .. I noticed that the "Action" is Automatic Transition (Published) .. and one have any idea on how to get this to no automatically publish?

Thank you

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 25, 2014 16:46

When you initially define the workflow there is a checkbox to "Automatically publish changes", simply uncheck that and your steps will all be followed. You should be able to find it in the General workflow definition.

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