Wildcard url issue

Vasyl Chepil asked on October 6, 2021 12:44

I added two aliases to my page

  • /support/{category}
  • /support/{category}/{question}

the first one works ok and "http://localhost/support/portal" opens ok but "http://localhost/support/portal/test" returns 404

What is wrong? How can I fix the issue?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 6, 2021 15:15

What is the exact version including hotfix? I am asking since there was a bug fixed which fits the description in hotfix no.10.0.6:

Pages - 404 error for pages with multiple wildcard aliases If a page had multiple aliases with wildcards in the URL path and the aliases had at least one wildcard in common (for example '/News/{number}' and '/News/{number}/{type}'), the system returned a 404 Page Not Found error when the page was requested through the more specific alias.

I would recommend applying the latest hotfix if not used already.

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Vasyl Chepil answered on October 6, 2021 16:08

thanks. My version is 10.0.5

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