Widget property label is not valid in configure widget

Mr Who asked on February 8, 2022 07:44


When I open a configure widget panel, I can see that widget's label is not correctly. Therefore, buttons Apply and Cancel is not correctly too. For example, if I wanna open Header widget configuration (gear wheel) I see the follow: screenshot The buttons have the same view. How can I fix this?


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vasu yerramsetti answered on February 8, 2022 08:59

Localization string is not loaded. Please check MVC application with the following location for localization files -


Please add .resx file with this name [SitecodeName].Components.resx and key as widgetproperties.header with your desired value.

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Mr Who answered on February 8, 2022 09:41 (last edited on February 8, 2022 10:53)

Thank you, but I've already found it problem :) But I still have a trouble with this, because these files don't copy to output directory when I try to Publish my project

If I click Publish to certain [SitecodeName].Components.resx file it is work. I would like to publish project with all of files from /Global

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