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Rita Mikusch asked on December 12, 2019 01:13


I’d like the editor to be able to edit a particular widget on a page … but I don’t want them to be able to add or remove any widgets.

First I granted the “widget editor role” READ and MODIFY permission on that page. Without it they can’t even check-out the page for editing.

Then I used the “widget security tab” to make the “widget editor role” an “authorized role”. Awesome now anybody that belongs to the “widget editor role” can edit that particular widget.

But there’s a problem … anybody that belongs to that “widget editor role” can also DELETE that widget, or add NEW widgets!!

Does anybody know how I can grant that “widget editor role” editing capability of that widget WITHOUT giving it DELETE or ADD NEW WIDGET capabilities?

thank you.

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Trevor Fayas answered on December 12, 2019 15:30

I"m not sure if you're going to be able to accomplish this particular task, you either can manage widgets or you can't in terms of delete or add, it's hard to do it selectively. An option though is you could have that particular 'widget' not have it's configuration in the widget, but have it act like a repeater that points to a Page on the content tree where the user could edit. So in essence you would make a page type that has your widget configurations, and put the custom logic to pull from there.

then give that user no widget permission (so they can't add/delete) but grant them access to the page.

However i would imagine if they can edit widgets, they are an editor, and you should be able to train them to "don't push that button or don't do this or that" which may be far easier than trying to hard code it in.

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Rita Mikusch answered on December 12, 2019 18:25

Thank you, Trevor.

Having edit access to page, also allows you to add and delete widgets ... I guess that makes sense, since those widgets are page content.

We do versioning turned on, so if they get adventurous we can always go back to a previous version!

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