while importing new site

Ramesh Vishwakarma asked on June 26, 2015 14:35

i m importing new site on my localhost but its show me error "Form objects cannot be imported due to license limitations. The licence limit for feature BizForms was exceeded" i m using latest kentico can any buddy help me plzz....

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Charles Matvchuk answered on June 26, 2015 15:33

Are you using a development license or the trial ? The issue is as the error reads, there is a license problem in the instance you are importing into.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 26, 2015 15:36

If you are trying to import a site with features not available in your current instance you will receive this. If you check the event log it will tell you specifically what is trying to be imported that isn't available in the version you're trying to import into.

To resolve this, you will need to uncheck the box(es) when you initially launch the import process to exclude the feature or features that are not allowed in the lower licensed version you're working with.

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