Which components need upgrading to make lightbox gallery compatible with ie11 without needing compat

Brad Chapman asked on February 18, 2016 03:53

Hi All We are currently using version 8.1.5 and are not in a position to upgrade as present. We have had several complaints that the Lightbox galleries do not appear to work in ie 11 unless compatibility mode is turned on. In debug on browser the following script error is thrown. 'WebForm_DoCallback' is undefined. A quick google hints at a .net 4.5.2 upgrade ebing required to fix this issue. Is this a suggested solution?? PS: I am also read that lightbox be dropped in v9? Brad

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Virgil Carroll answered on February 18, 2016 18:49


You are correct that Lightbox is gone in the Kentico 9 (I checked a fresh install I've done and its missing), but in an upgraded version (from 8.2) the gallery is still present, so it will not remove it if you upgrade (though I have not tested to know if there is any issues running it).

As far as your other issue, I would be really surprised if a .NET framework upgrade would fix a browser compatibility issue, but it may. I would also suspect that the Lightbox javascript is probably not totally compatible with IE 11, so you might want to explore that as a potential upgrade point as well.

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Brad Chapman answered on February 25, 2016 22:42

Thanks Virgil. I may need to look at pushing for an upgrade to the most recent V8 patch and progress from there. I appreciate your response.

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