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Lennard van Diggelen asked on September 9, 2016 14:11

Hi there,

Within the CMSrepeater i can use Wehreconditions with WhereCondition="MenuItemGroup Like '%main%'"

Is I enter this within the webpart, the website cannot handle this and breaks. Apparently the way of writing should be different? How can I get the menuitemgroup as wherecondition within the webpart?

Thanks in advance!

Correct Answer

Jan Hermann answered on September 9, 2016 14:25

If you want to use custom page type fields you need to specify the page type in the web part as well:

Page types: cms.menuitem
Where condition: MenuItemGroup Like '%main%'
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Kristian Bortnik answered on September 9, 2016 14:23

Have you set the "Page types" property on the Hierarchical viewer webpart? Same applies for CMSRepeater - you need to set the "Page types" property to, let's say, "CMS.MenuItem". Otherwise, the MenuItemGroup column would not be part of the query, and you will get a "invalid column name" exception.

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