where do you host your kentico site?

Bill Smith asked on February 16, 2015 10:01

Thank you for your time to read my thread and I'm really appreciate it if you can reply this thread and share your valuable experience with me.

I'm actually want to host my site and I use ASP programming. In main domain, I plan to use ASP.NET and for my blog (blog.mydomain.com), then I want to use Kentico. Anyone have great recommendation for windows hosting that support ASP and Kentico?

My requirement is simple:

  • Disk space just 3-5 GB
  • Bandwith 20 GB
  • At least 1 MSSQL database
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 5-10 subdomains
  • 5-10 emails account, storage around 200 MB

I have tried to find it on google and I found many hosting providers that offer ASP.NET hosting. There is 1 hosting provider that I would like to know more, it is ukwindowshostasp.net. I have traced their record from November. I see their plan is very interesting and quite affordable. Anyone have experience with this hosting provider? I have searched about their services too:


Can I trust the review? Please share your experience here

Thank you

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 16, 2015 20:40

I've used GoDaddy in the past with horrible experiences. Lately, for clients on a budget I have used Arvixe and A Small Orange and both have been nice. I believe both (or any shared hosting) have a limit of around 500MB of memory usage but other than that, they both offer great services and very nice support.

I also have a cloud server with Arvixe and an Azure subscription and both work well too but they are considerably more money than the shared hosting.

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Olivier Cozette answered on February 17, 2015 01:26

I'm using Arvixe to host my Kentico created site, and 5 other .net sites (all of them on a single VPS). Even with only 3GO RAM, and splitting it between app_pools and SQL Server, the response time is very acceptable.

In the past, I used to host the same configuration on Webhost4life, with mixed emotions...

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Jackson L answered on March 16, 2015 08:52

I am hosting my Kentico site with Host4ASP.NETthat is a receommended web host at http://www.kentico.com/Partners/Hosting-Partners?page=2. I have been hosting with this company for months and now I am still very happy with this company and its hosting service. In addition, each of its hosting packages can meet your requirements.

In terms of the web host you listed above, it is not good enough because there are too many limitations and the server resources are not enough. In addition, I found that I was unable to contact them via live chat. I suggest you not to go with a web host does not offer live chat support.

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Jacob Jefferson answered on March 20, 2015 10:03

Instead of using Arvixe, you may also rely on asphostportal.com. I have good experience with them. Or please find it on http://www.kentico.com/Partners/Hosting-Partners.

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Bill Smith answered on March 20, 2015 10:31

Thanks for your answer, but now i have hosted my site with ukwindowshostasp.net their service is very good so far

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