where can i get localization pack for English - United Kingdom culture?

kalpak shambharkar asked on October 12, 2016 08:49

We are facing one problem while changing culture of a site from United States(en-us) to United Kingdom(en-uk).When we are adding resource string for "en-uk" culture it is giving us a message "The system does not contain a localization pack for the selected culture. You can download additional localization packs from http://devnet.kentico.com/download/localization-packs".Whereas on given link we are not getting localization pack for English - United Kingdom culture.

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Richard Sustek answered on October 12, 2016 10:05 (last edited on October 12, 2016 10:05)

It seems like the Culture has been customized in your environment because Kentico by default comes with 3 localization packs only - en-US, cs-CZ and sk-SK.

Try going to Localization -> Cultures application and make sure that the en-UK is not listed as UI Culture (you can use the "Is UI culture" filter).

Edit the en-UK if you have it listed as UI culture. We have no separate en-UK culture localization pack as it wouldn't probably be that different from en-US :-)

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Chetan Sharma answered on October 14, 2016 11:38

Hi Kalpak,

There is no culture like en-UK, the culture for Great britain is recogonized as en-GB. This is a common standard across the world around i18n/i10n communities.

Luckily this package is available in Kentico. However you will have to use "en-GB" instead of "en-UK"

To answer Richard's view, US and UK English are different. I would say 95% same however still different.

Cheers, Chetan

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