What is the difference between Content page template vs Content page type vs Content page item.

asad Iftikhar asked on May 7, 2024 20:17

Basically i am new to learning Kentico CMS. In my knowledge Content page template can be used to create Main page type in which these types of page types are allowed and we can create page types of specific types and item means when we need to insert some multiple entries like in the database we need to create content item.

And Content template is basically is a standard page type.

And Content page type with container is just like a component with empty container in which multiples web parts and widgets can be dropped by adding widget zone or web part zone.

Please confirm my knowledge.

And one question how many types of Content page templates can be created and why we need to create multiples page types when one page templates can have multiple properties and we can have null check in our codes is it related to layout.

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 8, 2024 17:09

I'd highly recommend reading up on Content Modeling.

Content Page Types = structured content that has a URL associated with it, like a news article. They always have the same fields but different values as you add new articles.

Content Page Templates = these are predefined templates that content page types use.

Content Page Items = structured content that does NOT have a URL associated with it, like a banner image. They always have the same fields but different values as you add new items. These can be used to build out a given page's content.

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