What does the marketplace mean?

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Ondrej Vasil asked on February 3, 2014 12:56

What does the marketplace mean?

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Ondrej Vasil answered on February 3, 2014 12:56

The marketplace is where the Kentico community shares tools that extend the functionality of Kentico CMS. Partners, developers as well as Kentico CMS team members, submit their web parts, modules, web site templates and other items to the Kentico Marketplace, making them available for other users either for free or for a fee that helps cover development costs.

Free items are hosted on our server and, although we conduct basic functionality tests, we do not guarantee that they are error-free. Paid items reside on the authors’ websites, and are linked to from our marketplace. If you have any questions regarding the submitted items, please contact the author. We are pleased to present you with these fantastic tools to help in your extension of Kentico CMS, and are sure that you’ll find something that suits your needs exactly. We hope that you will, in turn, contribute your own items, sharing your work with the community.

What does the “Tested by Kentico” stamp imply?
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How do I install an item?
Am I rewarded for submitting to the Marketplace? Do you test the submitted items?
How do I submit a new item?

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