Webpart across templates or make bizform uses ajax submission

Juan Araujo asked on July 23, 2018 06:12


We are creating a popup that could appear on any page accross the site. On the popup, we have a bizform. This bizform is being selected in Kentico CMS Settings.

We have the popup wrapper in the Master page. We have tried with 2 approach: - Setup a bizform onInit() <cms:BizForm runat="server" ID="viewPopupForm" IsLiveSite="true"/>. This approach is rendering the form but Validation and submission are reloading the page. We are looking to avoid that. - For the second approach, we create a webpartzone and drop there On-line Form webpart and select our desirable form. This approach allow us to submit and validate the form without reload the page but we need to setup the webpart manually for every single template, which is not efficient for us.

Is there a way to achieve this in a nice-clean way?

Thank you.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on July 23, 2018 13:30

The easiest way is the to use the update panel: In the properties go to AJAX, check use update panel.

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anthony harp answered on July 24, 2018 12:46

good one

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