webfarm.sync file -- What is the purpose? (Kentico 8)

Jason Vanderbilt asked on June 8, 2015 16:04


My website built in Kentico 8 recently had a production outage because the webfarm.sync file (App_Data/CMSModules/WebFarm/webfarm.sync) wasn't granted write permissions by IIS. What is weird is that the site has been in production for 3 months and running fine, when all of a sudden it had a problem writing to this file. I granted the appropriate permissions which fixed the problem, but I would like to understand what is the purpose of this file, and when does Kentico need to write to it? I'm trying to trace down what triggered the write attempt which brought down the website.

There is a sync job that is configured to publish from staging to production each day, but if that was the cause, why did the issue only come up after 3 months of the site being live? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 8, 2015 16:55

That sync job only syncs content and has nothing to do with web farms. Does your environment run in a web farm? Have you seen this article? Did any other setting change or were other features added?

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Jason Vanderbilt answered on June 9, 2015 16:29 (last edited on June 9, 2015 16:30)

Thanks for your reply. We do have two production webservers (VMs) loadbalanced via a netscaler, but only one of the two sites is currently running in IIS due to an unrelated server license issue. So I suppose you could say that we have the infrastructure in place, but not being leveraged at the moment. No recent changes to the environment that I'm aware of, although I don't have physical access to the VM host, so I'll check to see.

It shouldn't be a problem going forward, since like I said I granted the appropriate IIS permissions, but I was just wondering what exactly it was used for, and what triggered its usage. However, it sounds like it's inconclusive as to why Kentico would attempt to access that file. I think I'll trying opening it in notepad and see what it was actually trying to do, assuming it's not an unreadable binary. Maybe that could lead to some further insights. Thanks again.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 9, 2015 16:55

Do you have web farms enabled within your Kentico instance?

Did you read the article I referenced?

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