Web sites take a very long time to become available after Azure App Service restart

Joe Hegyi asked on October 15, 2018 17:46

We currently have 93 websites across 9 Azure App Service instances(P3 size). When we restart the App Service, it takes an hour or more for all the websites to become accessible. Those that aren't return a 500 error. One or two sites become available at a time, and over the course of an hour or more they all are accessible. Any thoughts on how reduce the amount of time it takes?

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 15, 2018 17:56

I'm assuming you've published a website and not a web app as built in Visual Studio? Correct? This is expected behavior as the website need to be build up the cache in IIS. In addition to Kentico having to build cache for all those sites as well. You might want to convert your website to a web application instead, should help considerably with that initial reload time.

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Joe Hegyi answered on October 15, 2018 18:10

Thanks Brenden. It is a web app built in Visual Studio.

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