Web Part Zone in Master page in Kentico 8.1

Chris M asked on October 30, 2014 13:27

I added this code to a user control that's embedded in the master page:

    <cms:CMSPagePlaceholder ID="plcZones" runat="server">
            <cms:CMSWebPartZone ID="zoneHeaderBanner" runat="server" WidgetZoneType="Editor" />

It seems to work just fine with Widgets on all pages, as long as I configure the zone in the page design to Customization by Page Editor.

I'm using ASPX + Portal Page templates in Kentico 8.1. I seem to remember reading past documentation that said this shouldn't work, so my question is: Is this supported and will it cause any unexpected behavior on pages?


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Brenden Kehren answered on November 3, 2014 13:43

Questions back are why don't you just include it in the layout or template vs. creating a custom control for it? Do you receive any errors? Do you have a reference to the documentation about the issue?

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