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Boston Interacitve Boston Interacitve asked on July 19, 2022 22:21

We have a Kentico 13 .NET core site deployed as two separate sites is IIS - one for admin and one for live. The media folder is not being synced even though we have web farms set to to automatic.

Is there additional configuration that needs to happen when the live site and admin site are on the same server but as separate sites in IIS with different urls (same domain)? Do I need to manually add the media folder to the Live site before it will sync?

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 19, 2022 23:08

In your site's Settings do you have Sync set for Media Files?

Settings > Versioning & Synchronization > Web Farm > Allow Sync for > Media files should be checked.

If so, can you see any scheduled tasks in the web farm tasks related to media files? Do you see any event log errors in Kentico? What about event log errors on the server? Permissions of the IIS_USRS maybe?

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