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Ivan Louw asked on December 7, 2020 02:54

Hi everyone, I have an the following environment. 3 servers with one server having the admin site and 2 others having the website. The 2 servers having the website site behind a load balancer.

When I upload a new file using the media libraries application, the file syncs over to the 2 website servers. But when I register a file (that have been ftped over) using the rest api below, I can see the task in the web farm application but the file is not migrated to the website servers as when I do an upload using the media libraries application. I have a 3 server licence.

I am using the following rest api https://admin/rest/media.file/?format=json

Am I missing a step?

Thanks for any advice or direction. Regards, Ivan

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Filip Ligač answered on December 7, 2020 12:55

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for reporting the issue. I was able to reproduce it and submitted it as a bug to our development team.

Please keep an eye on a page with hotfixes here - https://devnet.kentico.com/download/hotfixes. Once the fix is released, it will be mentioned in a list of bugs for version Xperience 13. Downloading and installing the hotfix will apply the bug fix for your solution.

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Ivan Louw answered on December 8, 2020 00:08

Hi Filip,

Thanks for getting back to me.

We are currently still on version 12SP. Is there a work around or will there be a hotfix for Kentico 12SP?

Thanks, Ivan

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Filip Ligač answered on December 8, 2020 05:28

Hi Ivan,

I am afraid the fix will only be released for version Xperience 13 as per our Bug Fixing Policy. Most likely it will be necessary for you to upgrade to this version to get the fix. If by any chance there is a workaround available, I will let you know.

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