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Sylvain C. asked on June 4, 2019 01:29


I have setup my Kentico installation with 2 sites on my local IIS (MyAdminSite for the Kentico admin and MyWebSite for the live site) both on the same license URL ( I am doing all the MVC development using VS 2019 and each time I finished a new development, I built the solution and it is then made available on my live site.

However, sometimes, I would like to add some breakpoints in VS to check my code, enumerables, etc... I tried to run it in VS using the IIS Express(Google Chrome) and got an error each time (By default, it is targeting localhost:51??).

How could I change the settings of my project in VS to be able to debug my code efficiently?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 4, 2019 02:21

Attach visual studio to the IIS process running the website. The process is W3WP. You will need to be running VS as an administrator to do this.

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