Using the same domain name in Kentico12 and Xperience13

Dzhumhur Mehmed asked on December 26, 2023 17:48

Hello everyone,

Currently, we have a website which is published through Kentico v12. There are more than twenty cultures published online. We want to publish the /en culture (the main one) with Xperience v13 on a different server. For example, the following address, (with all other cultures), is currently published in Kentico v12, and we created a new web application project on a different server with Xperiance v13. We want to publish only /en culture on this new server with Xperience v13, and the rest of the website cultures will remain on the current Kentico v12. Please give us your feedback on how we can accomplish it.

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 26, 2023 19:03

You'd have to do some pretty creative network routing to get that to work. My suggestion is to temporarily create a subdomain for the V13 site where you can point to a new server with a DNS entry. Then when the rest of the cultures are ready to go live just update the DNS to point the main domain at the new server.

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