Using the Media Gallery web part to display a folder of images inside an Media Library.

David Good asked on October 20, 2014 18:57

I have a media library named "Library1" in which there are different folders of images. I am using the media gallery web part but only want to display images from the folder "My Folder". What do I set the path property to in the Media Gallery web part's properties? I've tried the following but it don't work:

/Library1/My Folder/%

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Kentico Support Engineer answered on October 21, 2014 01:37

Hi David,

you can just type in My Folder into the field. You don't have to enter 'Library1' at all. If you'd like to display content from the folder's subfolders, just enable the 'Show subfolders content' property right under 'Path'.

Using 'My Folder/%' would display the contents of all the subfolders but not of 'My Folder' itself.

Hope this helps!

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