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David Pearson asked on June 6, 2016 19:55

I found Newstonsoft.json located in the CMSDependencies. How do I go about referencing this library in class. I tried using Newstonsoft.json, do I need to add the library to the bin using nuget?

Or maybe there is a better way to deserialize a JSON object in another library? Thanks David

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 6, 2016 20:38

I'd include an external Nuget library. There are a few tricks to make it register properly in your web.config though. But use the package manager in Visual Studio to add the updated library so you're not dependent on Kentico for this.

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David Pearson answered on June 8, 2016 19:27

Thanks Brenden,

I think I might have away to avoid changing my web.config files and etc.... I found JsonSerializer.Unserialize in CMS.DataCom in Kentico 8.2.


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