Using locking ratio image on MediaFilesSelector Widget MVC

Kyle Pham asked on November 24, 2020 05:16

Hi guys, I developing bunches of widgets in Kentico MVC 12 Currently, I have an issue with using the MediaSelector component. I want to implement the function to lock the ratio for the image like the Media Selector from the Page type for my widget. But it seems like it was not available on the MediaSelector component. Any advice from you guys on how to archive this? Sincerely.

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David te Kloese answered on December 10, 2020 09:21


you could try building your own component

Or just handle the image restrictions in code. The editor is responsible for picking the image, but the code will figure out what is the best sizing configuration. E.g. for mobile needs something different then Desktop... As the item is rendered directly the editor does get the visual feedback after changing an image...

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