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Gaston Huot asked on September 27, 2016 00:38


I'm on a project with 2 phases:

  1. Build a bank of information and services (called BIS), all related to life events.

  2. Build an internet portal that will use the BIS and others corporate systems to help the clients to answer their needs, to inform them, to guide them.

The first one is really a data based system. On one side there is a list of clients "needs" (or life events), and on the other side there are corporate services and informations. The idea is to link (one to many) to a "need" the related informations and services in ordre deliver "on a plate" the complete answer to the "life event" , or the need. The "needs" can be expressed in different ways to maximize the odds that the client will find out his need as expressed by him. We have to manage all that, keeping track of who does what and when, send notifications when an information is about to become obsolete, no longer publish it if it becomes obsolete, reset the life expectancy of the information when reviewed. We also have to manage the rights : who can create, approve, modify, read "needs", informations, and services. And more...

The second phase is a "normal" web portal, something that can easily be built with Kentico or others CMS.

I was to have the BIS built independently over a database management system, and use a CMS for the second phase. For me it was not possible to build both using the same tool. I then had a flash...What about Kentico ?

In a previous life, a long time ago, I used to have a city web site built with Kentico, and even if we were not using all the features, I noticed at the time that it looked very powerful.

Therefore, after this long prelude, do you think that Kentico can be the total solution to my requirements ?

Thanks for your guidance and opinions,


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Roman Hutnyk answered on September 27, 2016 15:35


Without digging into details it looks like you could build it with Kentico custom module. I gives you a possibility to built complex data structures, Kentico will provide you with interface for managing it, with you can override or customize. Also it allows you to define permissions for your module, so you get security out of the box.

Also Kentico generates a code for your modules that you can adjust to your needs (sendind emails, writting history, etc.).

In my oppinion it is worth considering Kentico CMS for your project.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 27, 2016 16:24

I agree 100% with Roman, use a custom module or 2 or more. A long while ago in your previous life, modules were a pain and took a lot of extra code to get them to work properly. Now in v9, you can create all your standard UI pieces within Kentico and allow Kentico to generate the standard CRUD activity code for you. It's a huge time savings and allows for nearly bulletproof custom modules.

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Gaston Huot answered on September 27, 2016 16:50

Thanks Brenden and Roman

Even if I could have my own ideas on that matter, according to you, what would be the benefits of doing the whole project using only Kentico ?

Also, if I'm allowed a sub-question, what has to be bought from Kentico to fulfill our needs ? Eventually I will contact a Kentico partner if we go with Kentico, but I'm now in the preliminary portion of the project and I'm trying to get a sense of the possibilities and requirements.



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Brenden Kehren answered on September 27, 2016 20:26

The benefits of doing it all in Kentico using custom modules or custom tables would be faster development and ability to create administrative UI pages with permissions and such in a matter of hours vs. days or months.

Not only are those huge benefits but you can also take advantage of other features Kentico offers like caching, permissions, etc.

Roman and I both have great partnerships with Kentico so feel free to reach out to either of us.



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Gaston Huot answered on October 1, 2016 17:34

Thanks Roman and Brenden for these advices.


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