Using collapsible categories in custom forms

Monjoie Dominique asked on February 4, 2016 14:32


I have some forms with a lot of fields and I'd like to use the collapsible category in a custom layout if it is possible. It seems that the collapible category can only be used with a default layout (i.e each field one beside another) but sometimes I'd like to put three or four fields on the same line (company, first name, name ...).

Is there a way to do that using collapsible category ?

All the best,

Dominique Monjoie

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on February 4, 2016 16:40

The collapsible piece you're talking about is specific to the Kentico UI. If you want that on your live site, you have to implement it using some jquery like so (not tested):

        $("a form-section").click(function(){
            $("div .form-details").toggle();

<a class="form-section">Section 1</a>
<div class="form-detail">
    form fields and text here
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