Using bootstrap in Kentico Admin module

Michael Manson asked on June 10, 2021 17:22

I have created a template for an invoice but right after saving it inside Store configuration and trying to display inside Orders Module, I noticed that bootstrap's grid system classes (.row, .col) did not apply. Then I looked at the bootstrap.css available to the site and could not find those and many other classes as well.

I know that it is not recommended to update Kenticos core files so I wonder if there is any other approach to include bootstrap inside Admin module?

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 10, 2021 18:30

The Admin interface uses Bootstrap as well but it's a customized version with prefixes to the "normal" Bootstrap classes. I'd suggest finding another module you want your module to look like and inspect the code to see what class names are and how they are used. You should then be able to simply apply those css class names to your HTML and they will automatically pick up based on the Admin stylesheet.

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