Uploading files stuck at 100%

rajitha somarathna asked on September 19, 2016 09:12

When i try to upload a file, it will stuck at 100% ? I have wait for about 15min and it still stuck at 100%,This happens only for files more than 15mb.But maxRequestLength in the web config set to 2 gb max to upload.I have added to the wbconfig. the circle still spinning like the file not finished upload yet. can you give me an answer.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on September 19, 2016 15:13


In what section of the config file it the maxRequestLength set? Common confusion is that this is set in the WebDav settings location. I would also check the browser console - if there is the 404 error, then you need to follow basically the same approach as described in the Staging large files documentation - you just need to place the lines into correct section in the web.config file and the request filtering should be installed as well.

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